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KT Mono Amplifier

The new KT Mono amp retains the high damping factor and low distortion of the Horn Mono but with enough power to handle inefficient and difficult to drive speakers. The amplifier accepts KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, KT99, KT120, KT150, and KT170 power tubes and when ordered  with KT150s will produce 100 watts. It also has [...]
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Horn Mono Amp

DISCONTINUED I was frankly astonished by the measured performance of the Horn Mono...  John Atkinson, Stereophile, May 2002 Given it's sound, as well as its quality of parts and construction, this is an obvious bargain.  Robert Deutsch, Stereophile, May 2002 The Horn Mono Amplifier is designed specifically for use with very efficient loudspeakers.  It has extremely low [...]
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Mid Mono Amplifier

The Mid Mono amplifier is completely hand-wired and can use many different output tubes; the Mid Mono has a low loss output transformer, adjustable bias for each tube & five-way gold-plated binding posts.

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Integrated Amplifier

The new Quicksilver Integrated amplifier brings the quality of separates to the realm of integrated amplifiers.

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Headphone Amplifier

The new Quicksilver Headphone Amp features single ended Triode class A circuitry

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Remote Control Line Stage Preamplifier

Improved soundstage width and depth and higher resolution are changes to the Remote control Linestage Preamp.

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Line Stage Preamplifier

The latest version of the Quicksilver Line Stage offers a simplified switching and signal path. With almost 10 times the output current capability of the previous Line Stage it will drive any amplifier input impedance and interconnect cable with ease.

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Phono Stage Preamplifier

The new Quicksilver Phono preamp offers high gain, low distortion, low output impedance and both active and passive RIAA eq.

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Moving Coil Transformer

Available January 2024 "For valve boys who want to hear their low-output m-c but not the hiss, this is just the ticket." Andrew Harrison, Hi-Fi News,April 2003. The Quicksilver MC transformer is the ideal way to extract maximum performance from moving coil cartridges. It was designed to match the RIAA curve specifically for use as a [...]
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