The new Quicksilver interconnect is designed specifically for tube preamps. The pure silver wire optimizes signal transmission and allows maximum resolution and bandwidth. The low capacitance configuration makes long runs easy to drive. Sold in one meter lengths or one meter multiples.

Price $150 per meter pair. $100 for each additional meter length.


Quicksilver coupling capacitors use copper leads, polypropelene film and aluminum foil and are available in five different sizes. These capacitors help Quicksilver products achieve the magical midrange they are known for. Below are prices for each value.
2.0 mfd/400V $23 each
.27mfd/600V $21 each
.27mfd/400V $19 each
.12mfd/400V $17 each
.056mfd/400V $11 each

Chrome Transformer Covers

These covers are available in three different sizes to fit all Quicksilver transformers.

Price:  small covers are $56 each, medium and large covers are $72 each

Binding Posts

Gold plated 5 way binding posts used in Quicksilver amps. Require 1/2 inch mounting hole.

Price $10 each