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The Experience ...

You find yourself drawn to the listening room; you can’t wait to get home from work to turn on the stereo; you forget to eat and sleep while listening to your hi-fi–these are some of the symptoms of the Quicksilver Experience.

During the 40 years Quicksilver Audio has been making tube-type mono amps, we have gained a worldwide reputation for clean, uncolored musical sound. Our customers report the presence of the Quicksilver “magical midrange” in all our amplifiers, from the least to most expensive. Perhaps it is this; perhaps it is the direct clear highs, the defined but never “boomy” bass; perhaps it is something even less tangible. But the emotional experience of musical performance is conveyed through Quicksilver electronics in a way that is totally involving.

What our customers say …

“The Quicksilver Audio phono preamplifier is amazing value. When it arrived on our doorstep, I hooked it up immediately, let it cook for a while, while I started digging out almost our entire record collection. This unit really sings! If I had to describe the preamp’s qualities in one word, that word would definitely be: WOW!”

Fam. Michiels-Van den Steen, Belgium

“I have listened to a lot of high end equipment that dealers have loaned me. I have owned a lot of vintage and modern tube equipment. Nothing sounds better than Quicksilver amps and preamps.”

Tony Mauldin, Lewisville, Texas

“I am not in the habit of sending manufacturers love letters, but I had to tell you how much I’m enjoying this unit. My record collection has been reborn!”

Jeffrey Sorensen, Chehalis, Washington

“Mike–thanks for all your time. Your reputation in the business is the best of them all. Keep up the good work.”

Mike Gerardi, WINY, Putnam, Connecticut

Reviews …

Quicksilver Audio does not purchase magazine reviews. Listed are reviews that have been done on Quicksilver Audio products.

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What Our Customers Say