Headphone Amplifier

“When I received my unit I was blown away by this beautiful little headphone amp. Hefty, attractive and powerful. Clean, fast and articulate. I have heard a lot of headphone amps and this is the cream of the crop.”    Mike Klementovich    Bethlehem, PA

“I am not a fan of headphone listening but I decided to try the Quicksilver Headphone Amp anyway. I now can’t put my Sennheisers down. Excellent product and lifelike sound from a unique company.”     Mark Madonna   Rotonda, FL

No headphone amp has drawn me into the music like this one. I get more of the musicians than I would have thought possible; clarity. punch, and drive.        Dave Rowley   Kenai, Alaska


The new Quicksilver Headphone Amp will drive any headphone to very loud levels and uses no circuit boards or transistors. It is completely point to point handwired and the only components in each channel signal path are 2 tubes, an Alps volume control, 1 capacitor and 1 output transformer.

Price $1198.00

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Output type transformer coupled single ended class A triode
Input impedance 100 kohms
Output impedance 2.2 ohms
Gain 24 db
Power Consumption 38 watts
Tube Complement 2-12AX7 input
2-6BQ5 output
Maximum output 7 volts rms into 30 ohms or higher load
Polarity Non inverting
Distortion less than .01% at 1khz into 30 ohms or higher load
Recommended headphone impedance Will drive any headphone from 20 to 600 ohms impedance

Dimensions                            12″ deep x 7″ wide x 5.5″ high

Weight                                     16 pounds