Sixty Watt Mono Amp

The new sixty watt amp retains the high damping factor and low distortion of the Horn Mono but
with enough power to handle inefficient and difficult to drive speakers. The power transformer
has the same high grade core material as the output transformer and this coupled with a circuit
which increases the power tube bias at higher powers allows the amp to have low distortion all
the way up to clipping but at reduced powers gives the efficiency, finese and delicacy of a low
powered amp.
Price $2995/pair
Price for 230 volt/50hz add $100/pair



Power Output 60 watts into 4 or 8 ohms
Power Bandwidth 14 Hz to 70 KHz
Damping Factor 20
Input Sensitivity 1.2 volts
Input Impedance 100 Kohm
I.M. Distortion: less than 0.5% at 60 watts
Tube Complement two KT88, 1-12AX7, 1-12BH7
Power Consumption 100 watts at idle 200 watts at full power
Chassis Chrome over nickel

Gloss black transformer covers

Dimensions 6″H, 14.5″L, 9.25″W
Weight 30 lbs. each
U.S. Warranty 3 years parts and labor & 90 days for tubes