Phono Stage Preamp

The new Quicksilver Phono preamp offers high gain, low distortion, low output impedance and both active and passive RIAA eq. Input impedance and capacitance are internally switchable and the power supply includes 2 chokes and five stages of filtering. The circuit is all tube, no transistors. Gain is 47db at 1 KHz; 67 db when used with the Quicksilver Moving Coil Step-up Transformer. Price $1595.

Instruction Manual

Bandwidth Within +/- 0.25 db of RIAA
Gain 47 db at 1 KHz
Input Impedance 47 Kohm
Output Impedance 600 ohms
Tube Complement 3-12AX7
Dimensions 3"H, 9 1/2"D, 15"W
Front Panel 17" x 3 1/4"
Weight 12 lbs.
U.S. Warranty 3 years parts and labor
Tubes 90 days